Brenda Toet

Meet Brenda Toet

How Brenda Toet’s life began

Brenda Toet was born in Amsterdam in 1969. She grew up as the oldest daughter of a teen mom in a loving family, which also included another sister and a little brother. She got married at age 21 and had two daughters of her own. Her mother falls seriously ill and passes away at the age of 41.

Brenda has just turned 24 years old. The loss of her mother and the grief this entails causes Brenda to run adrift and she chooses the wrong path.

Out of fear that she will end like her mother without having lived a full satisfying life, she turns to the bottle, drugs and seeks entertainment in the nightlife. She leaves her first husband and remarries. Her new husband makes her work in a nightclub.

Without any self-esteem and heavily addicted, she meets Johan in 1996. After one week they are living together and soon veer off on a road to self-destruction, living like Bonnie and Clyde, inseparable, lost in drugs and criminal activity. In her relationship with Johan she also feels quite rejected and often not good enough. Now she feels even more lost. When Johan gets more heavily involved in the drug trade and the parties grow more intense, this puts their relationship under pressure.

Brenda’s life in Portugal

Johan being on the run from the police in the Netherlands, the couple divert to Portugal. Here they live a life of movie stars with lots of luxury, money and drug abuse.

Eventually the curtain falls for Johan and Brenda in 2002, when they are both arrested for drug trafficking and criminal enterprise.

After almost two years’ detention in a Portuguese cell Brenda is released from jail in December of 2003. Johan is sentenced to twelve years and has to spend another six years in a Dutch prison. Brenda and Johan are inseparable and so Brenda decides to wait for Johan, while slowly trying to resume normal life in Holland, together with her daughters from her former marriage and her baby son by Johan.

In 2005, after an encounter with the living God inside his prison cell, Johan is converted.

And in 2011, after ten years in prison, he returns home. Het takes Brenda with him to a church where she gives her heart to Jesus. Brenda’s life will never be the same again.

In 2014 Brenda is called and she begins her training at Charis Bible College. In 2016 God sends them both into the ministry and they set up One In Him Foundation.

Their mission work today

Johan and Brenda now have a mission house in Brazil, where they organize mission trips, striving to equip and disciple other Christians. Together they visit slums, speak at churches and hold open air crusades around the globe. Brenda has a passion for women. Her heart goes out to the broken and lost women in the world nobody seems to care for. She reaches these women in slums, rehab centers and in the street. She shares her testimony and the Word of God with them.

But also by holding events, where she can share the Gospel with them. Her motto: ‘What God has done for me He will do for everyone.’

Together with her husband Johan she travels the world over for the Gospel and they solely depend on gifts and partners.